Lash Me Fair front cover. Image Henry Passmore

Lash Me Fair

A story of cruelty, bravery, savagery and new beginnings.

A first novel by Colleena Presnell

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'Lash Me Fair', the story of Henry Passmore, a true servant of the people.

Foreword written by Deputy Mayor of Fremantle, Ingrid Waltham.

It has given me a great deal of pleasure and no small amount of pride to write the foreword to ‘Lash Me Fair’ by Colleena Presnell – and it’s been both a privilege and a delight to read it. It has also been quite personal, as I have deep connections with the port city of Fremantle.  

A century after my forefathers arrived on the ship Rockingham in 1830, my grandfather Vincent was a police officer based at the Fremantle police station living with his young family in the Warders Cottages on Henderson Street – the same row of cottages that Henry Passmore and his own family moved into around 70 years prior.  My grandfather lived there with his wife – my grandmother Nellie – and their two young sons, John and David.  John was my father. ....

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